Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Kindles are like gold"

I didn't say it first, but of course, it is true.

So, take a trip to Missionary Blogs and throw yourself (and someone else) into a lovely contest.

Now, you can not vote for me yet, because, well, it isn't legal (I'm not on the list of participating missionaries), but I would LOVE to help another missionary somewhere, get themselves a Kindle for Christmas.

Plus, if you aren't reading "Missionary Blogs" yet, well, you should be. It's like traveling through the world while sitting on your couch. WONDERFUL.

And maybe, soon, (maybe even before Christmas), I will be on the "legal list", and you can send in an entry for me.

Love you all.

Follow this link to find some great missionary blogs, then read a few, and enter the contest for yourself, and for a fellow missionary.

Send a Missionary a gift of gold. Errr, I mean a Kindle... (same thing)

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