Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a little chat....

  • I woke up to a cupboard bare of coffee.
  • I also woke up and realized I had a scheduling conflict. I thought I had TWO, but Dustan calmly soothed me and let me know I really only had one.
  • I worked out the scheduling conflict with a text sent entirely in Spanish.
  • My house is a mess. Irma has been very ill and has not been here for a month. I have tried to pick up the slack, but trying to find a three hour slot to clean all the floors takes some major creativity. Irma returns today. I am going to hug her.
  • Ecuador creates messy houses. My windows and doors are not airtight and so wind blows, dust, dirt, insects, leaves, flowers, and more, inside the house. I have to clean the sofa with rubbing alcohol once a week.
  • I like to rearrange my furniture after cleaning my sofa. Dustan hates this bad habit of mine.
  • I sometimes rearrange the living room even when I haven't cleaned the sofa, which means that sometimes, my living room gets rearranged twice a week. Dustan hates this even more.
  • Today I have Spanish class with Rocio. I went down to once a week lessons with her and I miss doing more. My lessons with her are basically a gab fest. I like to gab. Dustan likes this about me.
  • I also have a team meeting with the short term missionaries. We have a new missionary who is from Switzerland. But his father is Ecuadorian, with a US citizen ship. Our missionary though, does not speak Spanish and has never lived in the US. His sister lives in Africa though. She teaches sewing. He will be teaching carpentry. Fascinating stuff!
  • This afternoon I am helping my friend Gwen with one of her school projects that deals with cross cultural communication. Boy do I have some fun stuff to share with her.
  • Also, this afternoon, I need to write a report for the SIM international office. I have had to do very little paperwork since arriving and so, I will not complain.
  • This evening, I have an El Sendero Council meeting. I am not taking an interpreter. Who needs one? (I hope they speak slowly for me)
  • I have no idea what I am going to make for lunch. Especially since we will be in a meeting until lunch time. Lunch here takes over an hour to make. I don't have the same convenience foods I did in the US. Also, lunch is traditionally several courses. I make meat, rice, and a tomato-onion salad. I skip the soup, the fruit drink, and the desert.
  • Dinner is small. Like bread and cheese. Or sometimes fruit and popcorn.

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