Saturday, August 28, 2010

Snippets from the Equator:

1. I was informed by a man in the English class that I should practice saying the hardest spanish word. I'm game. I love hard words. (really I hate them. Refrigerator kills me in spanish)
Want to know what the hardest Spanish word is?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocios. I could be wrong on the spelling. Now, if only we had an awesome word like that in English.... And a song. And an English umbrella flying nanny to sing such a song. How perfect the world would be.

2. 13 people can fit into a 12 passenger van. THis shouldn't be a surprise. In Ecuador, 13 people can fit on a motorcycle. However, on our 5 hour ride to the SIM Ecuador team's annual Spiritual Life Conference, I was happy to squish (literally) into a van and forgo the motorbike.

3. Washing windows with spikey bars is hard. If you count my other blog and facebook, this is the third time I have written this statement. It's important I guess. Next time I live in a house with bars, I will request spikeless bars. Spikes deter robbers I guess, but they also deter cleaners.

4. Grub guts are good for all kinds of things. It's true. The man on the street told me so as he held up a grub bigger than any man's thumb. It will cure asthma, colds, lameness, spinal pain, and cavities. Want some?

5. I will never have my camera when needed. I know you would have loved a picture of that giant grub!

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Tara said...

No picture of the grub?? I'm disappointed!