Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T.I.S.T.: (TYPD)

Things I saw today (that you probably didn’t):

1. Guinea pigs being sold on the street corner. Remember the lady who sold a milk drink mixed with blood? Well today she was in the mood for cuy, a traditional Ecuadorian meal of roasted guinea pig. She was checking out the wares of another street vendor. “OOooh” she cooed, “It is so cute.” (or something like that. sometimes my spanish skills can be lacking). The entire time she held two piggies; one in each hand and turned them over and over checking them out. She finally chose an all white one with crazy hair. It was VERY cute. It is also her dinner tomorrow.

2. A crowd of people watching a bucket truck. I have never seen a bucket trick in Loja. Neither must have the crowd that was surrounding the truck and staring with awe. The city must have recently upgraded their electric department, because later in the afternoon, I saw ANOTHER bucket truck. This one snarled traffic. And I watched in amusement as the guy on the ground passed tools up to the man in the bucket. Toss- up went a screwdriver. Throw- up went a drill.

3. A parade of motorcycles. Okay, you may have seen that (if the weather was nice), but our parade involved 15 police cycles, sirens blaring, doing circles in the San Sebastian square. What were they doing? I haven’t a clue. But I should also add that it was POURING down rain. Two of the cycles slid across the park bricks and slammed into each other. They got back on the cycles and rode away. Weird stuff.

As a side note, I will add a thing I did today that you probably didn’t. We make a cheese grilled sandwich using a sandwich grill. The kind that you close a lid and it grills both sides of the sandwich at the same time. Well, tonight, I forgot to put the top piece of bread on the sandwich and I created a royal mess. So: if you make grilled cheese sandwiches, I suggest you keep the cheese on the inside.
Unless you want to make these:
Inside Out Grilled Cheese
Let's just pretend that is what I was trying to do...


Tara said...

Yum! To your side note, not number 1, lol.

Michelle said...

Never a dull day, right?