Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little Compassion in a world of need:

Leviticus 19:10 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

10 You must not strip your vineyard bare or gather its fallen grapes. Leave them for the poor (A) and the foreign resident; (B) I am the LORD your God.

The Bible has a lot to say about the poor and how we respond to them. I could probably post a new passage everyday for a few years and we still would only partially grasp God's compassion towards those who do without. However, this one stuck out to me today, perhaps because it mentions the "foreigner". Have you ever thought of saving from your abundance with the sole purpose of providing for the poor and foreign?

Think about it.

Over the last year, God has really been talking with me about poverty, and about how little I understand both of what it means to live in poverty, and of the efforts being made to relieve the effects of poverty.
Over and over again, one agency kept coming up...
My cousin from the states has a little boy named Bagus.
Our friends from Canada have a child as well.
My online friend Michelle has more children than I can count, from all over the world.
Then we met some new friends, and yes, they brought up the fact that they too have two children.

All of these children are from Compassion International, and as the subject kept being brought up... over and over... I had to ask myself if God was placing this agency in my path.

So I did a bit of research... which led me to...

Meet Diego. He is our new "son". He already has a mother and father who care for him with the best of their resources. But, their resources are very little. They make less than 100.00 a month and their main food source is "rice, potatoes, and bread." Can you guess what one of Diego's main health concerns are? Malnourishment.
Diego is 8 years old. The same age as my son Weston. He is just a kid and he knows more about poverty than I will ever, in a million years know.
Our sponsorship of Diego will provide him with healthy food, an education, and the gospel.

I just wanted to share with you, in case we might be that last rock in your path that points the way toward Compassion International.

Compassion International

Maybe, just one child at a time, we can both obey our Savior AND make a dent in child poverty.

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Michelle said...

I have tears in my eyes. :sniff: Bless you for taking this step and standing up for Diego. 2 Cor 9:6-15