Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Work Day

Here is a snapshot of my morning's work.
In the foreground is a pile of translation work and a poster I am working on for El Sendero. We are going to have a Volunteer Appreciation Contest!
Part of my missionary work is making sure that our volunteers are happy. This month we are going to do that by having a drawing for a prize. Every hour they work will give them a better chance to win- and if that were not exciting enough- They will also get their name entered AGAIN for every Bible verse they memorize.

I won't enter the contest, but I am going to try to keep up with them!

So, there you can see my work with that. In spanish!

On the other side of the computer is my Spanish homework. See that big pile? Yep, that's it. I finally finished the song "Limon y Sal", I had been assigned to conjugate. I am not sure I understood what I was doing, but with practice it will get easier. Spanish is much different than English.
No simple adding of "ed" for past tense.
Sometimes my teacher and I laugh as we try to convince each other that the other's language is "crazier" than our own.

Also, you will see my coffee mug. It's well used this morning from a Skype coffee date I had with my cousin Lindsey. Download Skype and we can have a date too!

A just barely, you can see Dustan's earphones. He took a run this morning and then sat down to bother me while I worked on my Spanish.

What you can't see are the gorgeous roses he bought me for Mother's Day (they are behind the computer).

Oh, and if you care, that's my breakfast. At 10:30 in the morning. Scrambled eggs on a corn tortilla. (Are you bored yet?)

So, that's my morning in a snapshot.
If you had to take one picture to sum up your morning, what would it look like?


Gwen said...

My picture would be of my poor veggie beds all ripped to shreds from the hail at 4:00 this morning :(. I think I'm going to have to replace the broccoli and lettuce. The carrots, tomatillos and peas all seem to have survived the onslaught.

Tara said...

Mine would be a picture of my daughter. Whom I've had a very difficult time of convincing to get off my lap.

Patty said...

picture of my morning. Taping up the box to send Becca after going to Denises to get tape. Post office who tell me its 58 smackaroos I say no way had stuff in wrong box take box home and put stuff in another one this one should get there.