Thursday, May 13, 2010

T.I.S.T.: (TYPD)

Things I saw today that you probably didn't.
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1. An elderly woman on the sidewalk selling a milk and blood drink.

2. Octopus (teeny tiny ones) floating in a bowl. (I had Ceviche for lunch- my favorite Ecuadorian food.)

3. A picture of a dead person on the front page of a newspaper.

4. A rainbow that ended right at a castle (I actually saw this yesterday)

5. A truck, bearing a driver with a megaphone who drove around the neighborhood inviting people to come out and buy bicycle parts. "Want to travel? Buy bicycle parts." At least I think that is what he was saying. I understood, "travel, bicycle, and buy". His truck was full of old broken down bicycles as well as wheels, axles, and other various parts.


Patty said...

interesting stuff to see. I see a blue jay looking at me.

Anonymous said...

I saw little fishes today!!
I loved the Galapagos diving cruise!