Monday, April 12, 2010

We got mail!!

I just realized that I forgot to post an update to our Adventures In Post Officing. Dustan returned later that day and though the post office was still closed, one of the cleaning ladies showed him a set of stairs which he followed to the top and there were some ladies in a room who had him open three of the four boxes. No problemo.

We are still waiting on one of the boxes but we feel (semi) confident that it will arrive with no problem. Two tips we learned:
1. Write on the box somewhere what the contents are. This helped Dustan avoid having to open the last box.
2. Value the contents at zero dollars. Don't send us anything of value. It didn't hurt this time, but it could have.

We LOVED receiving mail, and it was super fun to open the boxes with Grammy Pammy and Papa on Skype. The kids are reading through the books at a frightening pace but I have heard rumors of an English book exchange in Cuenca where we trade old books for new-to-us ones. We hope to travel to Cuenca next week and plan on taking advantage of this service!

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