Monday, April 26, 2010

Things I saw

I thought I would share some things I saw today that you probably didn't.

1. The local open air market being guarded by police in full riot gear (I have no idea why).

2. A little girl (maybe 6) in formal wear, high heel shoes, a tiara the size of Everest and a puppy on a leash with a matching outfit.

3. 10 stray dogs lazing on the steps of the furniture store.

4. Rotten garbage on the sidewalk.

5. The price tage of 18.00 for a toy that cost us 8.00 in the US.

6. A mother, breast fully bared, walking down the street and nursing the chubbiest baby I have ever seen.

7. A six year old child taking care of her infant sister (or brother) out on the sidewalk while her mother tended shop.

8. A man, a woman, a toddler, a child, and a baby- All on ONE motorcycle. I am NOT kidding. Once I saw a mother with two infants riding on a motorcycle. She held one infant in each arm. C.R.A.Z.Y

9. One friend on the sidewalk, another at the square, yet another at the radio station, and for good measure- another friend at Supermaxi. Wait- not done yet. I think I know the whole town now. I saw another friend while waiting in line for icecream scoops.

10. Gaunabana icecream.

For good measure I included a picture of Roman soldiers wearing American Gladiator helmets. I took it the week of Easter. I bet you haven't seen THAT on your streets!

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Homemomma said...

thats Ecuador for you... I love it there... and to think we were two suticases and a a plane ticket away from living there...