Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventures in Post Officing:

First trip: (last week) I get to the post office and realize that I was given the wrong key.

Two days later: Eva calls us to let us know we have packages in the Post Office:

Easter Holiday: Post Office is closed.

Today- First trip: Dustan finds a key and goes to the post office. He realized he left his censo (government id) at home and calls me for the id number.

The post office needs a copy of the post office receipt and two copies of his censo.

Dustan comes home to get his censo and makes the needed copies.

Second Trip: Post Office is closed (for lunch?) and Dustan returns home.

Dustan left his keys in the house and is locked out.

We still have packages siting in the post office, waiting for us. Nothing is easy here. Everything is hard.

But, I remember reading of missionaries of old who received letters over a year after they had been sent. Modern day Ecuador is a marvel. It only takes 4 weeks for packages to arrive, and only two weeks to pick them up!

We will keep you updated.


Patty said...

let me know if your package we sent you arrived.

Elizabeth Richert said...

haha, I had a package take 5 or 6 months to get to me :) Needless to say, the chocolate was a little melted and the Easter candy a little hard. :) Enjoy the frustrating moments and try to get laughs despite them!