Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Care Packages

I have been asked about care packages and thought I would point out the handy-dandy list on the sidebar. These are things that are either not available here or are too expensive for us to buy. So, if you wish to send us a care package, you might want to throw in a couple of our wishes. Nothing is too earth shattering or of upmost importance (except index cards- those have become a desperate need), but everything on the list would be pretty nice to have.

One thing to consider is that our things are showing wear far more quickly here than at home. Many of our socks have been shredded in the wash. Our smartwool socks are holding up well with the added benefit of drying in just a couple of hours. We may be adding to our list of needs as time goes by. Just check it before mailing a package to see what items might have rotated off or been added.

Also, we have been told that packages that weight less than 2 Kilos are less likely to be opened and that care packages mailed in padded envelopes are rarely inspected. Just something to consider.

All items should have the tags removed and should look used if at all possible.

Please expect packages to take a while to arrive. It has been known to take a couple of months for care packages to arrive. If you want to get a package here by Esther's birthday, it should probably be send ASAP. (She would love crayons) (and a bike, but I don't suggest you send one!)

Becka or Dustan King
Casilla 877
Loja, Ecuador


Gwen said...

I'm on it! I'll get command hooks in a variety and remove them from the package. I'll baggie them up like they've been used. When you say size 12 pants or capris, do you mean for Marcus? Colors? I will also throw in some Crayola goodies. I need to replace ours anyway so I'll just grab extra. I hope it doesn't take too long to arrive.

SO GLAD to hear Esther is doing better. Yay!

Gwen said...

Haha. I bet, since you specified capris, that you meant for YOU. Got any wishes? If you can point me to a brand or style online I'll either order or try to match it locally. I might end up with 2 care packages.

Patty said...

your wearing 12size now. Wow.

Becka said...

Yes- the pants and capris are for me. Any thrift store pants will be fine. I am not picky except that I would rather not have ultra low rise.

And mom, Ecuador is very good for weight loss. I consistently walk a tremendous amount every single day. It helps that we don't have a car and unless I have to carry more than I can handle or it is late at night I don't take a taxi.