Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running around like a chicken with its head still on...

Just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that we covet your prayers. Life is getting crazier with every minute, and one of our biggest fears is that we will forget some tid-bit that is ultra important.

So far- we have been able to stay organized but you wouldn't believe how many tribbits of info we have to hold in our brains. Dustan complains he is getting too old. And- trust me, my brain has never been all that good at remembering anything. I can barely remember how old I am.

So- pray that God will keep our minds clear.

Also, we have been busy packing. Huge relief that it looks like everything we need to take will fit in our luggage. We have even had the opportunity to play "runner" for the missionaries who have requested us to bring a few "this and thats" for them.

Oh. Good byes. That is the other thing we have been doing.

Goodbye Heidi-dog.

Goodbye Marmie and Papa.

Goodbye Memaw and Papa.

Goodbye Aunts and Uncles.

Goodbye sisters and brothers.

Goodbye best friends who are always there for us. (Even though we get crazier by the day)

Goodbye cousins and a pastor's wife who has become as dear to me as my own family.

Goodbye Moon. Hahahaha (humor must be maintained through the tears)

Thank you all for your prayers. keep them coming. We have a hard and busy week ahead of us.

For those who wonder about our itenerary:

We fly out early am on Sunday the 24th.
We arrive in Quito that evening.
We will arrive in Loja on Tuesday the 26th.

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Missy said...

Becka I will be praying for you all! You are about to embark on such an amazing journey in so many ways. I KNOW that God will work great things through you as well as in you. May you know great joy and see God work in ways that you could not have begun to imagine. May He meet all of your needs and provide you with fantastic opportunities to share your faith of the Lord Jesus with others. May He enrich every aspect of your lives and use your family to enrich the lives of others. May He go before you and create safe paths and open arms; and may He go behind you and tie up loose ends and give His grace and peace to those saying goodbye to you.

Please keep us updated on your missions!

Love you,