Thursday, October 1, 2009

We are offically at 57%.

Irons are still in the fire (see previous post), please continue to pray for us.

We are in desperate need for small groups to speak at. Don't be surprised if Dustan and I contact you personally to host a small coffee time in your home with several of your Christian friends. Please pray that the people we ask will say yes. We need a chance to share our hearts- God's heart- for the people of Ecuador. We are so close to our goal- but we have to keep up the work until the finish line.

Many of you have promised support but have not yet sent us an amount- please do so! We need to know how much support we will have so that we can have an accurate account of what support will be sent in once we are on the field. Your promises may help us get to that 60% by the end of this weekend. Those of you who have already promised your support- please pray that we will reach this goal!

The family is working on our Spanish- using Rosetta Stone. We have already been told the kids would pick it up faster than we would- how true. They put Dustan and me to shame. We are hoping to get some basic knowledge and greetings to at least get us through the airport. pray for us. Pray we don't get scared out of our wits (more than we already are).

We love you all and are grateful for your prayers.

To support us: Please just send me an email at and let me know what amount you promise to support us at while we are on the field in Ecuador. All support is tax deductible.

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