Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update with a few prayer requests:

We are still without internet, and I am hoping to be able to publish this without to much trouble. I guess it is training for Loja! praise God for free training- right?

We just returned from visiting a church in Elizabethtown, KY. We had a wonderful visit and gained several prayer supporters, and prayerfully, a few monthly financial supporters as well. Hello friends from Bridge Community Church!

Now for some big news that comes with a MAJOR prayer request. We have some irons in the fire that if all goes well, will mean that we are just a few hundred dollars from being at the 90% we need in order to apply for our visa. So, will you pray that those irons stay hot? Please pray that the churches that are working out a plan to support us will be able to do it. Poor economic times have not ignored our churches, and many of them are willing to make sacrifices in order for us to reach the mission field.

And, of course, we still need about 700.00 each month to be fully supported. If you have thought about supporting us before- the time is NOW! We are so very close, we can almost feel the crisp air of Loja. Please contact me and let me know if you can promise your support. SIM can not keep track of promises, so those need to come through us. Just shoot us an email at:
givepraygo@gmail.com that says, "Yo, Kings- I want to be a part of the work of El Sendero, in Loja. I would like to support you at onebajilion dollars a month."

Of course, those of you who are more formal, need not use the greeting of "Yo" and gifts of far less than onebajillion are also greatly appreciated.

Other prayer requests:
The stress of change has bitten our children big time. Things have been rough here for the past several days, and we would appreciate having your prayers to give our children strength to weather these stresses, and for Dustan and I as we try to meet their needs.

I (Becka) have had some health issues crop up recently that may need to be addressed fully before we can leave for Ecuador. Please pray that God will direct us as we try to make decisions about what to do.

We are in the full swing of school, and though God has blessed us with a wonderful homeschool curriculum, and a great outside math program to jump us through some obstacles, I would love to have you pray for us- that God will be with us as we search for His knowledge. Also, we are trying to gain some educational ground as we know that once we arrive in Ecuador- things might be a tad bit hectic.

We love you all and are grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and your support.

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