Monday, August 17, 2009

Some leftover thoughts from Sunday:

Have you ever seen that show called "Clean Sweep"? The show is about a group of people who enter homes that are completey covered in clutter and help the owners overcome. I have seen this show and been amazed at what people can choose to live with. How stressful to live like that!

These people live with mountains of clutter- so much clutter that they can no longer get to places to clean them. At some point in their lives, the clutter delves into filth. Eventually, they become overwhelmed with the filth, and they shut down. They don't change because they switch themselves into "off" mode. They shut their eyes and no longer see what is right in front of their faces. By shutting their eyes to the problem, they are able to ignore the mounting danger of ceiling high stacks of books, scattered obstacles covering every inch of floor, and the growing issue of mold and germs.

How easy it is for me to watch this show and think- "These people are crazy. Who would want to live like that? Why don't they just get started, clean it up, and get it over with. Why don't they JUST THROW THAT TRASH OUT!!!!!!"

Okay, so now we have a basis for my Sunday afternoon thoughts. Sometimes, my brain looks like those houses. I have stacks of negative thoughts, moldy bits of bitterness growing in the recesses, and strewn about all over the place so that they can't help but trip me up, are pieces of trashy lies that I have told myself, and continue to believe.

How do I live like that? Why don't I JUST THROW THAT TRASH OUT??????

Well... I just shut my eyes, and turn "off". I get so overwhelmed with emotional brain clutter that I put myself in ignore mode just to be able to cope.

My room is decluttered, my life is fairly simplified, but let me tell you- my brain... WOAH NELLY- someone needs to clean up in there.

So, like the people on that popular television show, I need to make some hard choices. What goes? What stays? What do I allow in? What do I stop before it even knocks on the door of my grey matter?

How do I even begin?

On clean sweep, they set apart two areas, one for "keeps", one for "get-rid-ofs"

I think that is a grand idea. And- to make it easy on me, my loving Father God gave me a set of rules on what gets to stay, and what has to GO-GET GONE- SEE YA LATER- BUH BYE!
Philippians 4:8
Finally Brethren, whatever things are
thing on these things

So, does anyone want to go on a declutter project with me? Pull out two mental boxes; one for your keeps, and one for you "toss them in the trash and burn them up" thoughts.

Let's "Clean Sweep" the things that are cluttering our thoughts and keeping us from functioning in the way God means for us to live.

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