Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just a little update:

I wanted to let everyone know we are still alive, and still working our way towards the goal!

We sent out a recent newsletter, if you did not receive one, please let me know.

Here are some upcoming dates that you can pray for:

Aug 16- We will be speaking at Crosshaven church in Belleville, IL

Aug 22- we will be having a fundraiser garage sale at Garden Heights Baptist Church in Belleville. We are accepting donations as well as volunteers!

I recently had the opportunity to drive my grandparents to Springfield, Mo. During the trp, I was able to make several contacts. Please pray that God will see those contacts through.

We still have quite a bit of traveling left and would love to have you praying for our safety during these times.

Many of you have asked where we are living now that the house is sold. We have some dear friends who have offered to house us until November. Please pray for the Crane family, that God will bless their generosity and that this situation will not be any more stressful than necessary.

Also, we need continued prayer that we will raise the needed support by Oct. We have not been able to find affordable temporary housing in our area and because we hop to be gone soon, we do not want to sign a year lease.

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Elizabeth Richert said...

didn't get the update but would love to in the future! Liz