Friday, July 10, 2009

Thirty-seven percent and a side of conversation with the King kids...

It's amazing how much numbers have taken over my life.

I calculated this morning and we are at 37%. Please, can you consider helping us get to 40% by the end of the day? In order to do this, we will need to raise additional promises totaling 150 dollars- by midnight.

Please pray about helping us reach this goal by the end of the day.

We love you all and are grateful for your prayers.

We have had a stressful week here. The kids are feeling the massive amounts of changes and the strict restraints of our new budget are effecting them personally now. I think, like us, they are beginning to wonder if the chaos that has become our lives is the new "normal".

In an effort to see where their thoughts were, I asked them is they still wanted to go to Ecuador, and why?

Here are their answers:

Marcus: Yes. Because it's what God has told us to do.
Weston: Yes. Because we are missionaries and missionaries need a place to go. Ecuador is a good place.
Esther: I wish I could bring all my toys.

Will you please pray for our children? This is a big task, even for adults, but God has not only called Dustan and myself. He has also called our children. Marcus and Weston are anxious to share their faith with Ecuadorian children.

Will you pray for Esther? She is still trying to figure out what all this means. She is not a believer yet, and so, she does not have the understanding of the peace that comes with being in God's will. She is excited for the adventure- but her mommy and daddy are prayerful that this big adventure will lead her to Christ.

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