Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prayer Requests Wednesday:

We are very quickly approaching Friday. Everything is a go, our last obstacle was the home appraisal, and the house appraised out which means that Friday is a go for our closing. Thank you so much for all your prayers.

At this point we have two main prayer requests.

The first is for our vehicle situation. Neither of our vehicles are reliable, and the one that fits all of us, and was dependable on the interstate (meaning Dustan could drive it to work) is now broken. It looks at this point to be a water pump and we are waiting to hear whether it can be fixed and what the cost would be. Since our prayer is that we will be leaving in just a few months, we can not purchase another vehicle even if we could afford it. Please pray that our van can be fixed for a reasonable amount of money, or that God would provide us with alternate transportation.

Our second request continues to be that we can raise our support by October. Now that we are houseless and almost carless, we are really hoping to be able to leave in November.

Thank you for your prayers.


Elizabeth Richert said...

Oh Yay!! Praise God for your house selling!!! :) I'm SO excited for you guys and will be praying for support to come in. Just can't believe the attacks you've had and now the cars... Satan must really not want you in Equador. Looking forward to seeing more of your journey. Sois Benis, Wende Songe (my languages here-- be blessed!),

Patty said...

God is Good even in the bad times, that's when we can see Him working in our lives.We love you and are praying for you