Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer Requests Wednesday:

I am beyond sorry for letting our prayer requests posts lag for such a long time. It just began to seem so very repetitive.

Anyhow, my mother informed me I needed to stay on top of things, and because I am a dutiful daughter, here I am. Please continue to check back often, I promise to continue to update you. If you haven't already heard about blog readers, I highly suggest signing up for I keep up with over 100 blogs and I read (browse) them all through bloglines. It is a super easy way to keep up with the blogs that you follow.

Ok, here goes the big prayer request for this week:

We are STILL struggling with poison ivy. It's a huge issue with our family and everyone except me seems to be highly allergic. Last Sunday we took Weston to the Urgi-care because the stuff went straight for his eyes. They put him on a course of prednisone and we took our last hefty dose of that yesterday. The problem is- he is not better. In fact, he is far worse, and seems to have developed a rash that is not poison ivy on top of what clearly looks like poison ivy.

This is highly confusing to me because we are having the kids shower every night with tech-nu (for posion ivy), they change there clothes daily, and I am washing their sheets and pajamas every day. They aren't even allowed to reuse their towels. On top of that, I have not allowed them to play outside.

Yesterday I took them to the Walgreens clinic (which I highly recommend over urgi-care) and the NP was as stumped as I was. It looks like poison ivy, but he should not have poison ivy. And then there is the additional mystery rash.

Esther has poison ivy as well and the two of them are as miserable as they can possibly be.

We have another dr appt. this afternoon in a grand effort to rid ourselves of the stuff, but I admit that I am afraid of them even being outside.

Okay, that was a very long explanation of our biggest prayer need right this moment. Thank you for all your support and prayers for us.

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