Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Requests

Thank you so much for your prayers for us.

We are adjusting to living away from our house, and with friends, but the kids (especially Weston) seem to having a difficult couple of days. Weston is having some rough social interactions with the children we are living with and is weepy and distraught. He feels left out and unliked (which he is not). Please pray that God will bless him with the wisdom that he needs to see these interactions in their true light.
Please pray that God will bless him with JOY.

We are grateful for good health, but as we enter allergy season, we could use some prayers for continued health. Esther especially is susceptible to poor health during the early Spring. Her allergies have a tendency to turn towards pneumonia.

Our home is showing today. Please pray that this family is the family that God is sending our way. Please pray that today will be the day we receive the answer to the prayer we have been praying for. The showing is at 3:00. Pray that God will grant this family the eyes to see what a beautiful home this house can be.

Please continue to pray for our support to come in. Last week God blessed us with the growth of our prayer support team, pray that our financial support team will grow as well. Please pray for Cornerstone church in Shiloh and Christ Methodist Church in Belleville as they prayerfully consider adding to our support.

We love all of you and would like to pray for you as well. Leave a comment with your prayer needs.

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