Monday, April 20, 2009

It's April

Those who have been with us- along for this journey for a while will know that we had a target date of April for us to be leaving the states, and for us to be serving God in Ecuador.

We had not picked this goal willy-nilly. We didn't just pull it out of a hat.

We prayed about it.
We considered what would be good for our family.
We considered what would be good for our field.

And holding onto the knowledge that the ministry at El Sendero would be needing workers in the Spring, and that Amanda who had been home for a 6 mo visit would also be leaving in April, and that being able to travel with her would make things easier on us. I mean, she would be an extra set of arms to help with the kids, she knows the language, and all those unknown things that roll around in our heads- she has already experienced them. How nice would it have been to have her holding our hands?


It's April. We visited Amanda for one last weekend and saw her suitcases piled up and we longed to have our suitcases piled beside hers.

It's Spring, and as I read THIS POST OF JAMIE'S, I could not help but to long to be in Ecuador.

And so, as April passes us by, and as we readjust our goals to hope for late "summer, or maybe Fall, and please don't let us have to hold out until next year..." we are learning to deal with disappointment.

Our home has not sold.
Our basement is leaking, we need a new roof, the concrete patio needs to be replaced.
Our van is coughing. I think she has TB.
The car can no longer be driven on the interstate.
Promising contacts have failed to come through.
Speaking engagements have canceled.
Our friends from SIMCO (missionary orientation are arriving on their fields.

It's tempting to pile up our troubles and disappointments into a big steamy heap and roll around in it. It's only natural.

And so, today, in my quiet time, I went in search of hope.

Philippians 1:6
"I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion in Christ Jesus."

I can not hold onto disappointment when I have the option to hold on to this confidence: God, who has called us to a task He set before us, will see both, us and the task to completion.

As an update on where we stand: We have about 20% of our monthly needs met and over 50% of our one time needs in hand. Will you please consider joining our support team? There is a button in the right hand column that will take you to SIM's website.

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