Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Request

Wow, things have flown by at a million miles an hour. The King household has worked like crazy to get the house on the market, and it is! It looks incredible, and so far, all our feedback has been positive. We praise God for all the hard work of our friends and family that really helped us to get the work done.

We are also incredibly grateful for all the work our realtor (Jane Andria) and our stager (Sharon) put into the house.

Right now the kids and I are in Ohio visiting my family, while Dustan stays at the house and continues on in his job. It is hard to be separated, but it is necessary right now.

Please pray for Becka and the kids as they are away. Pray for the children as they adjust to being moved around so much. We have told them that we are having a "long good-bye", which brings in a whole new set of emotions. Please keep us in your prayers.

This coming Sunday morning, Becka will be speaking to three Sunday School classes at Northview Baptist Church in Hillsboro. Pray that God can provide both financial and prayer support from the presentation.

Next Wednesday, Becka will travel to Dayton to speak at a large church there. Her presentation will be made to a large youth group. She is neither young nor hip. Pray that God will give her a message that the youth will be able to relate to and that will turn their minds towards thinking about sharing the gospel.

On Thursday, Dustan will also travel to Dayton where he will speak to a college and career aged group. We would really like to connect this group with El Sendero and the ministry there. Pray that God will use Dustan to help these young people think beyond their own community. Pray that God will be calling them to serve Him on the mission field.

Sunday morning we are hoping to set up a table in the church's lobby and are praying that God will send us a few people who feel led to be a part of our team.

Sunday night we will travel back to Hillsboro to speak during the evening worship service.

As you can see- we have a lot of traveling. Please pray for our safety. Pray for our patience as we deal with moving from one place to another.

Please, PLEASE, please pray that God will show Himself in a mighty and miraculous way when it comes to both the selling of our house and the raising of our support.

As a side note, we have had a mis-communication with SIM. If you have sent them a letter of promise to support us monthly or yearly once we are on the field, please send me an email with that promise and the amount promised.

SIM is no longer able to keep track of those promises for us, and we have no record of promises that you have made (unless you are currently supporting us. We have records of any monies that have been sent in).

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