Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Sunday Thoughts (from my nine year old)

Marcus has had it in his heart for a long time to write a Psalm. He studied David's writing and wanted to write his own poem of praise.
The following are his words, though he was obviously largely influenced by Scripture.

Please take special note of the very last phrase. This nine year old boy has the heart of a missionary. He explained this last verse to me.
"When we look at something, like we are interested, everyone else wants to see what we are interested in. If we look at God, people will want to see what we are looking at, and then, they will see His love."

Love Prayer to God
by: Marcus King

My God, My God
How beautiful is the sound of
Your word.
It is like the map to the treasure.
Your son is like the key
That leads to Heaven.

My God, My God
The taste of Your anger
Is bitter.
It is like the burning of fire,
Against my skin,
That makes me cry out to You.

My God, My God,
Your mercy is soothing to
My soul.
As if you were reaching down
To me so You could hold my hand
When I am filthy with sin.

God of gods, Lord of lords,
I will praise you until the end.
I will praise you with my talents.
I will look at You
And the world will see Your love.

By Marcus King Feb 15, 2009 age 9


Renee Morgan said...

I am moved to tears at the wisdom. So many times I forget how important it is to look at Christ and find myself sinking. How true it is that keeping my eyes on Jesus is my salvation but can lead to the salvation of others.

Elizabeth Richert said...

Wow I got teary reading this. Amazing psalm Marcus!!