Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer Requests Wednesday:

Our newsletter has gone out and we are getting some good feedback. I praise God that during the busy Christmas season, that he gave me what was needed to get the letter out.

We are also praising God for safe and healthy travels. We spent Christmas in Ohio with Becka's folks. Both her brother and sister's families were there, and we celebrated Christmas is a beautiful way. Every gift that we opened was an activity for us to do together. Our first gift was Becka's father's Bible, and we read the Christmas story. We also went to visit Great Grandma Fortune, (yes, that would make her a great-great to our children), and caroled for her. The family was 33 large, and it was a beautiful celebration. It was also bittersweet as we recognized that our time in the states, celebrating with family, is drawing shorter.

We are sending out letters to churches, and continuing to meet dead ends. We know that God has called us to go- and therefore we know that God has called churches to support us. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us as we continue to seek these churches. And we are thankful that so many of the churches have been willing to listen to us, and are already supporting missionaries at tremendously high levels. THAT is a praise. But, continue to pray that we will be able to connect with churches that are looking to support a missionary family.

We are grappling with decisions about when to put the house back on the market. Some of these grapplings are a matter of faith. It's very frightening to prepare to leave in April with a house that may not be on the market until March. Please pray that we will have the wisdom to make the right decisions.

This Sunday, we will be speaking at New Castle Bible Church, in Mackinaw, IL. This is a tremendous blessing. Our prayers for this engagement is that God will calm our nerves. Neither of us has spoken for a congregation this large, and Dustan does not speak in groups larger than a Sunday school class. His poor nerves are wracked, and he would appreciated be surrounded by prayers this Sunday.
Also, pray that God will bless this church. It has a tremendous heart for missions, and is Amanda's (Dustan's sister) sending church.

Dustan has poison Ivy, which he is very allergic to. He is miserable, as it is all over his face and in his eyes. Please pray for his recovery.

Thank you for your prayer.

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