Friday, January 9, 2009

FAQ Friday

What language will you speak in Ecuador and how will you learn it?

The national language of Ecuador is Spanish, although the indigenous people speak Quechua. We will be in the city of Loja where Spanish is spoken and will be learning and sharing the gospel in Spanish.

One of the greatest things about our assignment at El Sendero is that we will be able to begin ministry before we master the language. Because students come in wanting to learn and practice English, it gives us the opportunity to speak to them in a language they want to hear, about a subject we want to share.

Because we will be immersed in the Spanish language (few Ecuadorians speak English), it will be a sink or swim situation. Although we will have a Spanish tutor, the main way that we will learn is by by immersion. We will hear and live Spanish. Eat, drink, and breathe it.

And, it scares us. We covet your prayers. Por Favor.

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