Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday Prayer Requests (a day late)

We have sent out letters to several churches and will be making follow-up calls after Christmas. Please pray that God will open some doors for us, that we would be able to connect these churches with our ministry.

Becka is now working about six hours a day on deposition (support raising). Pray that her momentum will be maintained and that she will be able to juggle her other duties as well.

We praise God that in a time of financial difficulty, that God has blessed Dustan with a job that seems to be stable. It won;t be stable in the Spring, but we are prayerful that in Spring, we will be leaving for Ecuador.

We are thankful to God that we are all healthy, please pray that this will continue.

Our van broke again (I know. It's pitiful). Thankfully it was as simple as changing the battery, but we need it to make it until April, and we have quite a bit of traveling coming up.

Please pray for a speaking engagement that we have on January 11. Pray for us as we prepare for it.

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: When we went for our orientation training at SIM, we met many other missionaries and their families. One family was Jaimie and Rusty Laird, and their three children. The Laird family is scheduled to leave for Liberia in Janurary where they will work as missionaries, and where they will pick up their two daughters whom they are adopting.

Last week I received an email from Jaimie that doctors have found lesions on Rusty's brain. He has a dr appt today where they are hoping to get some answers. Please pray for this family.

Also, please take a visit to their blog: Laird family blog and let them know that you are praying for them.

As always, please share your prayer requests with us. We pray for all our supporters (both prayer and financial) and would love to have some specific requests to pray for. You can leave prayer requests in the comment section, or if they are of a private nature, just send us an email at givepraygo @ gmail . com

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