Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Musings

April seems to be hurling towards us at a speed faster than light and I have caught myself looking around and taking note of my surroundings in a way I have not done before.

As we celebrated Thanksgiving with Dustan's very large extended family, I caught myself soaking it in. "The last time", I thought.

As we drove through the our state, so vastly full of flat lands filled with fields of corn, dotted with barns, and farm houses, "I won't see this for much longer", I thought.

And this morning, I awoke to a sky filled with fluffy white snowflakes, and I wondered what a winter without snow would be like.

I will miss my home here. My children will miss there home here. It is all they have ever known, and the only place they have ever loved.

Sometimes, it is funny how God chooses to speak to us, and this morning He spoke to me through a little children's story. Sarah, PLain and Tall tells the story of a woman who moved from her home in Maine to become a mother and wife to a family in Kansas. Throughout the story, the differences between her old home and her new home is so very apparent. Sarah misses Maine. She misses the ocean, her family, and her garden.
At one point, she is visited by some family friends, and Maggie, a very wise woman, says, "There are always things to miss- no matter where you are."

I am looking forward to find our what those things are in Loja, Ecuador.

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