Saturday, December 20, 2008

FAQ Friday (a few days late)

How can you be so sure that God has called your family to missions?

Part Dos

Two summers ago, I sent Becka to visit my sister in Ecuador. I wanted her to see if their was any ministry opportunities for us- but I didn't tell her that. I wanted to know what God was saying to her. She came home and told me that there was a great need for missionaries and that the people of Ecuador were receptive to the gospel.

God had already been speaking to me. For some reason, I felt that he was telling me to learn Spanish. Not long after Becka arrived home from her trip, I wrote to my sister. The following is an excerpt of what I wrote:

"All I know is that God is calling me to minister more and learn spanish. I have gotten everything I have ever wanted in this world because of Gods blessings upon me. I felt I was doing what God wanted me to do but recently I've been thinking and being led by the Spirit that God has a purpose for me and its not all about me and my family. I want Marcus, Weston and Esther to know that our purpose for being here is not the "American Dream" but instead to serve Jesus our Lord and Saviour. I want us to see first hand what conditions most of the world live in and I want my children to see their parents serving God. I have never felt the calling before to learn any language or even take a mission trip to any foreign land but that has changed recently."

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