Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few requests

To those of you with computer people connections, I need a blog designer. I have spent an umpteen million years trying to make this blog pretty and functional and have done nothing more than mess it up.

To those of you with church connections, would you be willing to write a letter of reference for us. Basically we need an introduction letter written to the church. Let them know how you know us, what our spiritual walk is like, and request for them to give us a hearing. After you send your letter, I will follow up with a packet of information and a phone call.

To those of you with some extra cash hanging around... (well, you never know, it IS cold, and therefore you HAVE pulled out your winter coats, and SOMETIMES, there will a forgotten ten dollar bill in there), will you test out the donate now button on the right column?

To those of you who believe that spiritual warfare is a real thin, please pray for us. We have been blasted by attack after attack, and I am being honest when I say we are beginning to feel weary.
Right now, the scripture that we are leaning on, is Romans 5:3-5 "Hard times bring about HOPE" Becka's paraphrase.

Pray that we will be encouraged, persistent, and dedicated.
Pray for Dustan's family as they mourn the loss of his grandfather. This will be a difficult holiday season for them.
Pray for us as we make financial decisions. Our van has gone out and the water heater AND stove went out in our rental.
The house is off the market until Jan. Pray that we can get the house in even better shape so that it sells easily.

Please let us know if there is anything we can pray with you about.

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