Friday, October 10, 2008

You couldn't exactly call us a hit...

Once upon a time, I dreamed of winning an Oscar.  I was even "this" close to a theatre degree.  I think my youtube debut is about as far as I will ever get.  
Being in front of a camera, was terrifying, and I keep asking everyone I know "That does not look like me does it?  That doesn't sound like me does it?"
There is something very uncomfortable about viewing yourself on video.  There is something even more uncomfortable about letting everyone else see you on video.

But, here we are.  Dustan and I talking about how God has called us to work in Loja, Ecuador

As and aside, I would like to thank my friend Shawn for my awesome button over at the side there.  This will allow you to support us, via the internet.  Someone hurry up and see if it works!

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Gwen said...

You both look great, just like in real life ;).