Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes I wonder which is harder. Being a missionary, or trying to get on the field. The to-do list that I have in my head is ridiculously long. Whenever I take inventory of that mental list, I find myself overwhelmed and oftentimes confused.

And so, I need to get that mental list out of my ginormous mental (and imaginary) filing box, and make myself one of those checklists that I hate so much.
Here is my list for today.

Send off facebook messages to re-touch with old college friends and update them on our plans.
Make a list of Thank you notes that need to be sent
Begin an email list for those who want to receive newsletter
Contact Cederville College about an opportunity to speak there
Touch base with the field in Ecuador

And since I am busy making checklists- here is a prayer list for you. Please take a moment to pray for these right now. And leave me a note to let me know you prayed. Your messages will be an encouragement to our family.

Pray that our home will sell
Pray that God will bless us with god health during the upcoming "season of sickness"
Pray for churches to support our ministry
Pray for individuals to support our ministry
Pray for courage, strength, and endurance for the SIM team in Loja, Ecuador.

And since I am so very proud of having learned the html to make checklists- here is another. Ways you can get involved on our team

Sign up for our newsletters. Just leave me a comment with your email address and we will add you to our list.
Join our prayer team. Commit to praying for us, one day each week.
Financially support our effort to do God's work in Loja. It's super easy to donate online, in fact, there is a button over to the right. But, whatever way you decide to give- don't forget to include our missionary number #28088
Ask your church about the possibility of supporting us.
Put us in contact with groups of young people here in the USA. We want to connect young people here, with the ministry there, in Loja.


Anonymous said...

Ken and I will be praying and send us a newsletter

Gwen said...

Contact the Christian student's group at St. Louis Community College, Meramec. I think they would probably love to swap communications with a group in Ecuador.

Oh, and I prayed for you guys ;). I do hope everything falls into place, as much as I'll miss you all.

Gwen said...

It's called the Campus Crusade for Christ and the contact info is dhurt at stlcc dot edu. Obviously turn that into an actual email ;).

Elizabeth Richert said...

HI Kings!
Thanks for the note on my blog- I'll definitely be following your journey and would LOVE to get your updates. Email Praying for you- just prayed for your requests and praying God will just BLESS you abundantly in this time. Talk to you soon!