Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our calling:

It's simple.  
God said "Go."
And we said, "Where"?

We once heard that when God calls your name, and you answer, "Here I am." That His next words are likely to be, "Go."

Just two letters.
And one continent.
Several thousand miles.
A new language.
New culture.
A whole new life.
All contained in just two little letters.

How would you answer?  How HAVE you answered?  When we first heard his voice, we answered,
"We can't.  
Not yet.  Wait.  Maybe later.
We aren't good enough.
No.  Absolutely not."

And then we answered, "yes, and where."

So God is sending us to Loja, Ecuador to work with university students.  It's a country we never thought we would see, a language we never thought we would learn, an age group we never thought we would work with, and a task we never thought we would have.